Monday, March 4, 2013

Here Are Some websites that I know of that have free kindle books on them.


  • Project Gutenberg: full of Public Domain books

  • Smashwords : has lots of e-

    books from independent authors and publishers
  •  ebookdaily: Free books from Amazon, get enough points and you can get a free $20 Amazon Gift card.
  • Kindle Nation Daily: Unlike 

    ebookdaily, in the free kindle books e-mail,

     Kindle Nation Daily has book samples and has more books on the website.

The pictures abvoe came from Google search

Public Domain offen times don't have a good looking book covers, like 

Project Gutenberg for an example. (The bottom right),

Caliber can fix any

DRM free book

. It's also a nice way to search for E-books and it can convert various e-books files like .epub into .mobi for an example. There are many games for e-ink kindles. Some of the games are free and most of them are only 0.99 cents. What I like about Special Offers, is that sometimes it doesn't show ads on my kindle.

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