Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review of Amulet Dragonblade

Amulet Dragonblade by Nancy Lee Parish
3 Stars out of 5 Stars
If it wasn't for the mild swearing, and a woman's robe falling off in the moonlight, I might have liked this e-book. On the other hand some things that were interesting about Amulet was that one part made me think of what the wicked witch of the west said to Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz.  Talking dogs and dragons that come from amulets, what else is there to love. This book has over 150 chapters in it. They were so short that when it changed the point of view, it became confusing. People are gullible to a point where the deaths of their friends could have been prevented if they were smarter.  
I would recommend the book to people that enjoy books with dragons in them
Date I started reading : 7/1/13
Date I finished reading : 8/11/13
Date when I got the book : February 2, 2013

Length of book : 502 pages 
Where book can be found : Amazon
About the author :
Nancy began her writing career a bit differently than most. The first fifty two chapters of Amulet (DragonBlade Series) were written in a tent. Some were written in the front seat of a pick-up truck in the short spurts of the two hour battery life of her laptop.
Following some financial setbacks beyond their control, and the sudden death of her children's father, Nancy, her husband, and two special needs adult children found themselves without a place to live - for nearly nine months. It was not all doom and gloom, however. One of the fond memories of that time was being adopted by a family of geese. There were three families of geese in the area, and one of these families decided it was their obligation to protect Nancy and her family. The Canada Goose family would not allow any other geese near them, and would chase any bread-seekers away.
Nancy now lives nearly three thousand miles away from there - in a house - with her family. Writing Amulet was definitely a pivotal point that changed their lives, and in many ways the story reflects their own journey.
Nancy is the author of The DragonBlade Series, a different kind of Fantasy/Adventure. She is currently working on Book Three of the DragonBlade Series, as well as having several other projects in the works.

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