Book Review Requirements

The requirements I have to review a book are as follows: I will give you an honest review in exchange for a free copy of the book to be reviewed. I will accept digital copies of books which can be sent to my email address or the contact form below. Please put book review in the subject line. I prefer AZW and other kindle friendly files like mobi. Once you have contacted me and asked for me to review your book I will add it to the book to the from e-mail list on the Books to be reviewed page unless there is no book file, with the exception of free books. After finishing reading it I will post my reviews to this blog , my Tumblr blog Justyn's Art, Books, and Reviews, Facebook, Twitter and everything that has my twitter feed, like my website. Also depending on if the e-book can be found at, Amazon, Goodreads, Wattpad, Smashwords and/or Writingroom, I will add my review to those places also.
  I will also post links to purchase your book if you supply them to me, other wise it will just have a link to where I found it. I read mostly Fantasy/sci-fi and Animal genre but the only book genres I will not read are Romance, Erotica and non-fiction biographies, memoirs, horror and books meant for kids that aren't YA. If you want a 4-5 star review on this blog from me, the book must not have any swearing or profanities in the book. If the book is part of a series please send the book #1. I will not respond if the book is in one of the genres I don't like, and if it is genre I do like then  I will respond saying when I will read it, or why I won't.  
If your book meets my Review Requirements 
Please include:
  • Author;
  • Title;
  • Genre;
  • Synopsis;
  • Reason why you would like me to do a review.

This is how I review Books on this blog:

  • 5 stars- It was great, there was nothing I didn't like about it
  • 4 stars- It was good., there was something I didn't like about it, like grammar errors, boring characters, and stuff like that
  • 3 stars- It was O.K., there was a bit of stuff  I didn't like about it, some swearing, a lot of grammar errors like almost every sentence starts with I, and other stuff like that, not a lot of  things happen, lots of boring stuff
  • 2 stars- It was horrible, the book was a minefield  of vulgar language, seemed to look like a book I would like,  and stuff like that, but there was something that I slightly liked in the portion I read
  • 1 star- It was misleading, example, other people put in their review that the e-book is the game  itself but, in reality it's a game guide that is unhelpful, or I totally did not like anything about it.
Cool covers 0.5 to 1 extra stars
Very interesting about author info 0.5 extra stars (about author info is added to book review)
Lots of spelling errors -0.5 stars

When giving good reviews the only thing that's in the review is what I liked about the book, 4 stars and below reviews have some of the things that I didn't like but the only time that I would ever give really bad review if it was misleading. When giving a bad review, I only state what I didn't like about the book. Also I give better reviews on horrible books depending on how old the author says they are in their about the author info.
For how the review 

When low on books from e-mail, I will read books from my Top 20 Books on my Kindle I have yet to read list and those book reviews will only get less exposure, as no one asked me to review those  

If you want to see what the review will look like, then go to the Review templates page

I'm always trying to make thing clear in my Book Review Requirements, let me know if anything on this page doesn't make sense to you.

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