Blog Reviews Requirements

The requirements I have to review a Blog are as follows: I will give a review of your blog if you e-mail it to  my email address or the contact form below. Please put blog review in the subject line. Once you have contacted me and asked for me to review your blog I will add it to the blog to the Blogs to be reviewed page. After finishing reading it I will post my reviews to this blog , my Tumblr blog Justyn's Art, Books, and Reviews, Facebook, Twitter and everything that has my twitter feed, like my website. I don't accept blogs that have porn or vulgar language.This also applies to any non-book related reviews that will appear on the blog.
I will pin the blog on to a Pinterest board related to category of the blog and if the blog is on Blogcatalog, it will be reviewed there also. I enjoy animal, art blogs, and blogs for better writing.
I would prefer to do a book exchange for reviews, but if my books aren't the type of genre you read, then I'll do an Author Interview exchange.

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Justyn's bookshelf: currently-reading

Rufus in Teralupis
5 of 5 stars
tagged: my-books and currently-reading
Lost Face
0 of 5 stars
tagged: currently-reading

Justyn's bookshelf: read

The Lightning Thief
5 of 5 stars
This is one cool book by Rick Riordan. Came upon it when I saw the movie trailer back in 09. This demi-god, Percy has to fight Greek mythology monsters, and is betrayed by a person he trusted. follows the myth of Percy Jackson with some...
tagged: myth and adventure
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
5 of 5 stars
This is the 1st book of a great series, Harry was about 11 when things changed for the better for him, he left his abusive family with the help of a half-giant to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Then makes lifelong friends, a...
tagged: magic and adventure
The Golem's Eye
4 of 5 stars
tagged: adventure and magic
Grip of the Shadow Plague
5 of 5 stars
tagged: adventure, animal, myth, and magic
5 of 5 stars
tagged: adventure and magic