Sunday, September 22, 2013

Book Review of Lost Face

Lost Face by Jack London

4 Stars out of 5 Stars
Story 1: Lost face is a gruesome tale about this guy, a fur thief who claimed to have some medicine that makes skin stone hard, unfourtanly for the Indian who had to try to cut his head off was successful and so his name was changed to lost face for beheading someone

Story 2: Trust involves a man named Churchill who has an adventure near Crater Lake 

Story 3: To Build a fire is a story from the viewpoint of someone who didn't cover himself for the cold properly, and the outcome from that.

Story 4: That Spot is about a mutt that cost $110 worth of 1890's money. It talks about how Spot was really intelligent, but would rather steal from those not looking. As he did everything but work, lots of funny things happened 

Story 5 : Flush of Gold is basically a love story gone wrong, her lover died similar to the main charter of To Build a fire, but he didn't have any matches. 

Story 6: The Passing of Marcus O' Brien has to with Marcus O' Brien, but before it got to his death, there was a lot of crude language

Story 7: The wit of Porportuk, it talks about this Indian girl, then it talks about Porportuk who was in a lot of debt. One of the things that caused this was a ship that sunk from arctic ice. The rest is quite interesting.

Basically all the stories in this book have something to with a dog, or figuratively like in The wit of Porportuk for an example
I would recommend the book to people that like books with dogs in them
Read from August 20 to September 22, 2013
Date when I got the book January 19, 2013 at
Length of book 185 pages

Jack London (1876-1916) is author of Call of the WildSea Wolf, and White Fang, among many other works.

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